Membership regulations of MATRIZ Official

membership 1280

Authors: Stéphane Savelli, Oleg Feygenson

Date: December 15, 2022

Version: 11


Membership criteria and types

  • Regional TRIZ Organization:
    • To have a minimum of 10 Level 1, or higher, TRIZ practitioners certified by MATRIZ Official – or having equivalent certifications - (effective December 1st, 2022).
    • At least one organization’s member must be Level 3, or higher, TRIZ practitioner certified by MATRIZ Official – or having an equivalent certification.
  • Individuals:
    • To be Level 1, or higher, certified by MATRIZ Official – or having an equivalent certification.
    • To be a member of maximum one Regional TRIZ Organization of MATRIZ Official (or none).
  • The association comprises two types of members: full members (with one voting right at the general assembly) and associate (adherent) members (with no voting right at the general assembly).
    • Admitted Regional TRIZ Organizations with at least one TRIZ Champion or one Level 4, or higher, TRIZ practitioner certified by MATRIZ Official – or having an equivalent qualification – are full members.
    • Likewise, admitted individuals who are TRIZ Champions or Level 4, or higher, TRIZ practitioner certified by MATRIZ Official – or having an equivalent qualification – are full members.
    • Other admitted Regional TRIZ Organizations or individuals are associate members.


  • The decision on admitting a new member is made by the Board of MATRIZ Official within one month after receiving an application from a candidate organization or individual.
  • The Board of MATRIZ Official at its sole discretion may not accept a candidate as a member.
  • A member may cancel their membership in MATRIZ Official at any time, and their membership may be canceled for various violations, as determined by the Board.

Membership fee

  • If the 1st membership fee is paid between January and June, it is valid until the end of the current year; if it is paid between July and December, it is valid until the end of the next year.
  • Any further annual membership fee payment is made in January or February, at the latest.
  • Regional TRIZ Organization - €300 or USD300, per the member’s choice (in 2023 this fee is reduced to €150 or US$150).
  • Individual: €100 or USD100, per the member’s choice.
  • To reduce pertinent bank transfer fees for membership fee payments, a member can pay several years’ worth of membership fee in advance.

Membership certificate

  • A membership electronic certificate is delivered upon membership application approval.

General Assembly and its powers

  • The General assembly is composed of all members with voting rights.
  • Members with no voting rights are allowed to attend General Assembly sessions as observers.
  • The General Assembly shall meet at an ordinary session at least once a year either after or at the annual International TRIZ Conference (ITC), or, at the latest, within six months before the end of the previous fiscal (calendar) year.
  • An extraordinary General Assembly session may be convened at any time upon request of at least one-fifth of the association’s membership with voting rights.
  • The General Assembly has the following rights:
    • Approval and amendment of the association’s statues
    • Identification of main directions for the association’s activities
    • Appointment of new or dismissal of current Board members
    • Examination of reports on the Board’s activities
    • Appointment and dismissal of the auditing committee and determination of its remuneration
    • Approval of both president and auditing committee reports
    • Granting discharge to members of the Board and auditors, and, if necessary, bringing an action by the association against members of the Board and auditors
    • Approval of annual accounts and the budget
    • Decision to transformation or dissolve the association
    • Adoption of internal regulations concerning members rights, powers of the association’s bodies, and the organization and mode of operation of the General Assembly.


  • To be a member of MATRIZ Official, with or without voting rights, provides the following benefits:
    • Application to different organization bodies of MATRIZ Official, such as CC (Certification Committee; Level 3 to certify Level 1; Level 4 to certify Levels 1 and 2; Level 5 to certify Levels 2 and 3), TRDC (TRIZ Research & Development Council; Levels 4 and 5), TMCC (TRIZ Master Certification Committee; Level 5), ITC (International TRIZ Conference) organizing committee, ITC reviewing committee, etc.
    • To have one personal (not available to non-members) free online access on the MATRIZ Official website ( to the following:
      • Members’ forum, on which members can exchange their views and opinions, ask questions, request an advice on the application of some TRIZ tools (TRIZ users forum by MATRIZ Official) and discuss any TRIZ topics of their choice.
      • Webinars, masterclasses, and seminars held by prominent TRIZ experts.
      • ITC recordings.
      • Updated glossary of TRIZ terms.
      • Level 1, 2 and 3 e-books which detail the MATRIZ Official Body of Knowledge with a theoretical, referential backbone that can be used by MATRIZ Official CC (Certification Committee) representatives or other members to design their own courses or seminars.
      • E-book detailing TRIZ roadmaps and tools to be used for different applications in different practical scenarios.
      • E-book which provides guidance on the selection of TRIZ projects for Level 1-3 trainings, facilitation, project execution, etc.
      • Materials of MATRIZ Official bodies, like CC, TMCC, TRDC, etc. (protocols, reports, etc.)
    • The Board may introduce additional benefits later on.