To continue Altshuler's traditions, the decision to establish a new association was made by a number of Altshuller’s students.

The online founding meeting of the new Organization took place on September 8th, 2022.

The purpose of the meeting was to establish a new TRIZ based entity, in tune with the vision of the TRIZ Founder Genrikh Altshuller and the demands of the modern world. The meeting participants represented a broad array of top world-renowned TRIZ developers and practitioners.

At the meeting, the participants exchanged their ideas on why today there is the need for such organization, what kind of global innovation and development issues are important for addressing, how the organization should be structured, and how to organize the work and activities of the organization.

The participants noted that TRIZ development stagnated in the past several years. At the same time an appreciable number of new problem-solving methodologies have emerged in different parts of the world recently. And the demand for this type of services is growing exponentially. However, we firmly believe that TRIZ problem-solving tools for inventive and innovative challenges are superior to any other problem-solving methodology developed so far.

In our view, TRIZ proliferation and education/certification, which includes addressing the development of creative and critical thinking skills for people in every age category, regardless of their field of activity, is the main task of the new organization.

We will formulate our goals and objectives with precision as we continue our journey.

The founding meeting was attended by: Robert Adunka (TRIZ Master), Victor Fey (TRIZ Master), Oleg Feygenson (TRIZ Master), Barbara Gronauer (TRIZ Level 4), Jürgen Jantschgi (TRIZ Champion), Simon Litvin (TRIZ Master), Oliver Mayer (TRIZ Master), Stephane Savelli (TRIZ Level 4), Valeri Souchkov (TRIZ Master)


MATRIZ Official. Rue Copernic 48, Brussels, Belgium

Registration number is 0790583355 by Belgian Chamber of Commerce