Certification -> Certification Regulations Levels 1-3

1. General

1.1. The Certification Committee (further referred to as CC) of MATRIZ Official is established for the purpose of preparing, controlling and conducting certification of TRIZ specialists of levels 1 - 3 according to MATRIZ Official standards.

1.2. Certification of TRIZ Specialists is performed by accredited representatives of CC.

1.3. Accredited representatives of CC may be trainers who obtained accreditation from CC to certify, as well as TRIZ Experts of corresponding levels who obtained accreditation from CC to certify.

1.4. Certification of Level 1 is done by an accredited representative bearing at least Level 3, certification of Level 2 is done by an accredited representative bearing at least Level 4, certification of Level 3 is done by an accredited representative bearing Level 5.

2. Activities and functions of the Certification Committee

2.1. CC carries out expert evaluation of submitted training materials by candidates to accredited representatives of CC.

2.2. Based on the results of evaluation, CC makes decision on labeling these materials "Approved by MATRIZ Official" and classifies them into TRIZ training materials.

2.3. CC issues licenses of accredited representatives of MATRIZ Official Certification Committee for 2 years.

2.3. Accredited representatives of CC issue certificates of the claimed level to applicants.

2.4. CC controls the activity of accredited representatives of CC in the field of 1-3 level certification and, based on results of their activity examination, either prolongs or terminates the licenses of accredited representatives.

2.5. CC develops procedures and recommendations related to controlling the knowledge of TRIZ for applicants for level 1 - 3 certification, analyzes and coordinates the programs for controlling the knowledge of CC accredited representatives for the 1-3 level certification.

3. Composition of the Certification Committee

3.1. The Certification Committee is headed by the Chairman appointed by MATRIZ President.

3.2. Total number of CC members of CC and their names are determined by CC Chairman and approved by MATRIZ President.

4. Organization of Certification Committee activities

4.1. CC Chairman organizes and conducts the activities of CC.

4.2. CС Chairman appoints persons responsible for each activity of CC.

4.3. CC decision is passed when supported by majority of voters.

5. Documentation of the Certification Committee

5.1. All decisions, comments and propositions of CC members and persons invited to a CC meeting should be recorded in the meeting's report. CC reports are permanently stored in CC files. 

5.2. Certification Committee is responsible for the issuance of the following:

  • decision on granting the label "Approved by MATRIZ Official" to training materials;
  • decision on issuance of licenses of CC to accredited representatives responsible for level 1-3 certification;
  • decision on renewal or withdrawal for controlling TRIZ knowledge of candidates applying for level 1 - 3 certification;
  • decision on coordination of programs for controlling the knowledge of CC accredited representatives responsible for level 1-3 certification