Webinar: "Empowering TRIZ Research: Harness AI to Tame Information Overload"


May 23, 2024
Time: 8:30 EST (or 14:30 CET - Central European Time).

Struggling with the mountain of information needed for TRIZ projects? We've got you covered! Join us for a lively discussion on how SciSpace's AI-driven tools are tailored to supercharge your research efficiency. From rapid insights with SciSpace Copilot to our comprehensive literature review tool and organized NoteBook feature, discover how our technology can significantly cut down your research time. Learn how to efficiently navigate through information gathering and idea generation phases, ensuring you stay ahead in your academic or professional journey. Ideal for TRIZ practitioners and academic researchers eager to optimize their project outcomes with smarter, faster tools.



Harsh Vitra   Rohan T

Harsh Vitra: Harsh Vitra is the Technical Product Manager at SciSpace, focusing on improving the Discovery process of Research. In the past Harsh has worked on building Technology for Social Good. He worked with Plant-for-the-Planet to build products which can help in improving funding for tree planting & monitoring growth of the trees.

Rohan Tondulkar: Rohan Tondulkar is leading the Research team at SciSpace which focusses on using cutting-edge AI to create value for researchers. Rohan has a strong background in NLP research from IIT Hyderabad and published multiple papers. In the past he has also worked at reputed firms like J.P. Morgan Chase.


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