Valentina Zhuravlyova – To the 90th Anniversary of Her Birth

Valentina Zhuravlyova was the wife, co-author, active collaborator of Genrikh Altshuller, and science-fiction author.

Here is her brief biography and accomplishments:

  • July 17, 1933: Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, former USSR
  • 1956: Graduated from Azerbaijan Medical Institute with a degree in pharmaceuticals.
  • 1956: Met Genrikh Altshuller.
  • 1957: Married G. Altshuller.
  • 1958: Her first science fiction stories, "Through the Time" and "Experiment 768," were published in Soviet magazines.
  • 1959: Earned a PhD in medical science.
  • 1960: Published her first book, "Through the Time."
  • 1963: Published her second book, "The Man Who Created Atlantis"
  • 1971: Published her third book, "The Snow Bridge Over the Abyss."
  • 1963: Became a member of the USSR Union of Writers.
  • 1957-1998: Assisted G. Altshuller in the development of TRIZ and Creative Imagination Development.
  • 2002: A collection of stories by both G. Altov (G. Altshuller’s pen name) and V. Zhuravlyova, "The Flying in the Universe," was published.
  • March 12, 2004: Passed away in Petrozavodsk, Russia.

Her role in the development of TRIZ is often underestimated. As Altshuller's most trusted assistant, secretary, and companion, Valentina Zhuravlyova played a vital role in facilitating his work and ensuring a conducive environment for his research and intellectual pursuits. Her unwavering dedication and support allowed Altshuller to fully focus on his lifelong mission.

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