Letter from MO President, March 24 2023

Dear colleagues and friends,

I am writing to update you on the progress of MATRIZ Official, which branched off from MATRIZ six months ago and is now officially registered in Brussels, Belgium. Our primary goal is to lead the spread of TRIZ worldwide, and we are dedicated to achieving this through the following initiatives:

  • Preserving the legacy of Mr. Genrikh Altshuller
  • Sharing TRIZ tools and knowledge globally
  • Improving individual creative and critical thinking skills based on TRIZ
  • Providing world-class five-level certification for TRIZ practitioners

Over the last six months, we have made significant strides towards these objectives, and I am delighted to share some of our achievements with you:

We have also launched a series of webinars by TRIZ Masters for the general public and newcomers. You can register for upcoming webinars at www.matriz-official.net and view past webinars on our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/@matrizofficial

With your support, MATRIZ Official has accomplished much in a short amount of time. We have many exciting tasks ahead of us, and we invite you to join us as a member of the world's leading TRIZ community. MATRIZ Official offers both collective and individual membership options.

I wish you every success in applying and enjoying TRIZ!

On behalf of MATRIZ Official,
Oleg Feygenson, PhD, TRIZ Master

March 24, 2023